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Best food collection ever!

From the lush greens valley of Cyprus
come 100 % milk cream product of christis 
The one case yield one and half since you need
To add water to dilute the thickness of the cream

- You save on the milk since you do not need to add
  Milk to make the cream richer since it is already
  rich and thick.

- Multi use of the cream, desserts cooking 
  cream, and all type of sauces.
- European high standard product (made in Europe)
- The price below market range
- Rich and thick cream
- Fast preparation time
- Very little reduction rate after cooking 
Christis is distributed in Europe and 27 countries worldwide 
Christis brand is more than 50 years in business    

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    our twitterour facebook page pintrest tumbler

    Abu Dhabi 
    Phone: +971 2 4447855 / 025575167 

    Fax: +971 2 658 77 90

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